2011 Wellness Initiative News

As part of the Mulzer Crushed Stone, Inc. 2011 Wellness Initiative, the newly formed wellness committee has assigned a theme to each month in the calendar year.  Watch for payroll stuffers, location hand-outs and postings for useful and educational information pertaining to each monthly theme.  A Wellness Mission Statement has been created by the committee and is posted throughout the company as well:

Recognizing that people perform their best when they are healthy, and that exceptional performance is necessary for the company to be the leader in its industry, Mulzer Crushed Stone, Inc., a “live-well” family business, aims to improve family health and well-being.

Also, as part of the Wellness Initiative, vending machines across the company are now including 100% fruit juices and healthy snacks!  Including these items in your daily diet have been proven to increase chances of having and enjoying good health!  Each location also has copies of “Eat This Not That” books.  These books contain thousands of easy food swaps that can save you calories and pounds!  Be sure to check out these books!  Your wellness committee member can direct you to the books at your location.

The company wellness interest surveys have been tallied and a lot of useful information has been gathered regarding health campaign ideas as well as incentive prizes.  The majority of the yes/no questions resulted in positive answers.  There are a few areas that we all need to work on. 

Don’t forget the company WELLNESS BENEFITS on the company insurance plan!  With business being slow this time of year, this is an excellent time to schedule your annual check-up/physical exam on your body, just like you do your teeth!  Remember the WELLNESS BENEFITS pay 100% in-network for the annual check-up/physical exams for everyone in the family, as well as immunizations, mammograms, pap smears, prostate screenings and wellness colonoscopies.

Merry Maintenance participation was good!  Prizes will be drawn, for those employees who successfully completed it, at the annual safety meetings.  You will definitely want to win one of the prizes!  The next health action campaign will begin late February.

The annual wellness screenings across the company are now being scheduled for April for all employees and spouses.  Employees and spouses that want to continue to be enrolled in the company health plan are required to participate in the annual screenings.  Watch for more information on this!