2014 Health Hike Winners Announced

The number of steps walked, company-wide, totaled 186,390,225; which amounts to 88,252 miles!  Another great job on getting in those steps!

48 individual winners from Mulzer won 3 tickets each for Holiday World & Splashin Safari.  2 individual winners from Shamblin won a $50 Wal-Mart Gift Card.  Eligible individuals must have reached 25 weekly points to be eligible for the prize drawings.

Mulzer winners:

June 7 Picnic – Quarries:

Josh Allen, Danielle Bickett, Tina Bowman, Jennifer Brooks, Miranda Chanley, Tim Chanley, Darrell Cunningham, Jackie Gleitz, Bethany Hensley, Sandy Humphrey, Jon Jenkins, Matt Korte, Charlene Lewis, Patty Lynch, Kevin Medlock, Jon Moon, Carla Neal, Jeremy Riddle, Raymond Smith, Terry St. Clair, Ronnie Stroud, Chris Taylor, Bobby Underhill and Patty Woods.

June 14th Picnic – Yards:

Breanna Arnold, Shirley Begle, Darrell Campbell, Scott Carter, Jeanna Claise, Chad Cook, James Gibson, Ashley Hall, Gerald Hardin, Justin Harris, Mike Hines, Brooke Hutchison, Angie Jarboe, Bob Lindauer, Kevin Lishka, Ron McKinney, Jason Risley, Alan Schaefer, Casey Schulthise, Amanda Smith, Steve Taylor, Matt Walker, Peggy Winkler and Michelle Zuelly.

Shamblin Stone winners:

1. Irie Vance

2. Sandy Thaxton