Healthy Weight Awareness

Weigh less for lifeThe 2014 first quarter health topic at the Mulzer Companies is Healthy Weight Awareness.  Coming out of the holidays is a perfect time to concentrate on achieving a healthy weight…not a perfect weight; a healthy weight.  Reducing weight by at least 10% can reduce many chronic health conditions such as elevated blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood glucose.

A free book is available from the Mulzer Wellness Initiative.  Dr. Ann’s WeighLess For Lifebook is available to the first 200 requests.  The book is not a diet in any way, shape or form.

Weigh Less For Life is a comprehensive menu of 21 scientifically-proven eating tips and lifestyle strategies that leverage the most powerful and effective ways to help you rein in your appetite and ultimately eat less.  Eating less and moving more does help to shed unwanted pounds.  The January 10th payroll envelope contained the request form to send in for your copy.  You can also call or email to request your copy.  Limited to one copy per family.