Abengoa Biofuels

PROJECT SPOTLIGHT:  Abengoa Biofuels, located near AB Brown Plant in Posey Co.

This new age Biofuel plant will produce E85 Ethanol out of agriculature products, namely corn. Contractors ICI, Summit Contracting, Deig Bros., Railworks, Mulzer and Agrisystems are working together to build this modern biofuel plant. Mulzer will supply almost 150k ton of aggregates to this project.


Mulzer Crushed Stone, Inc. has it's own fleet of tri-axle trucks, Materials Transport, as well as a network of lease trucks used in the delivery of our aggregate products. Trucking companies are one of most important partners!


New Abengoa Biofuel plant will produce E85 Ethanol using agricultural products, specifically corn.


Almost 150,000 ton of aggregate will be used in the creation of the Abengoa Biofuel Plant.