Peters Receives Steward of the Environment Award

IMG_8744Congratulations to Brian Peters, E&S Director at Mulzer Crushed Stone, Inc., for receiving the James E. Burch “Steward of the Environment Award” earlier this week related to an environmental project at our Cape Sandy Quarry in Leavenworth, Indiana.

“Brian truly practices what he preaches, and is deserving of this award based on his professional and personal dedication to the environment in all aspects of life,” commented MCS Safety Manager Matt Bunner. Mulzer Crushed Stone, Inc. and Bunner nominated Peters for the award at the completion of the project.

Dereck Zehr - 2015 IMAA Trucker of the Year

Dereck Zehr Named IMAA 2015 Trucker of the Year

Materials Transport employee Dereck Zehr was named IMAA’s 2015 Trucker of the Year Award presented last month at the Indiana Mineral Aggregates Association Annual Meeting.  This award was established to recognize outstanding service to the aggregates industry by a driver for an aggregate trucking company. As a respected and responsible leader in the trucking industry, this individual’s achievements in customer service, driving safety, vehicle maintenance and community involvement deserve special recognition. Truckers nominated for this award exemplify the very best in their profession.

Dereck began his career with Materials Transport in June of 2007. Having grown up on a farm and working with farm equipment, he decided that he wanted to drive a truck for a living. He was hired to drive a tri-axle at the Maltersville location and soon became one of the most dependable and skilled drivers.

Dereck is very safety oriented. He is a certified Master Driver by the Indiana Motor Truck Association. This honor requires that he have 10 years of accident free driving along with having gone at least 3 years without a DOT violation as well as a record of community service. Since coming to Materials Transport, he has never had an accident or DOT violation. He maintains one of the cleanest & best maintained vehicles in the fleet. Along with his driving skills, he has been helping as a mechanic as well. On a daily basis, he makes sure that other trucks are ready to go before jumping in his to begin his deliveries. Because of these skills and his willingness to help, he has become a part of the new truck purchase team. This team advises the company on proper equipment purchases that will benefit the company and drivers.

Dereck never has customer complaints and is involved with his community to help others with mechanical problems and other projects. He was also involved with little league baseball programs when his son was growing up. Congratulations Dereck Zehr, 2015 Trucker of the Year Award!


Matt Bunner - NSSGA Safety Professional of the Year

Matt Bunner Named Health & Safety Professional of the Year by NSSGA

Mulzer Crushed Stone, Inc. Safety Manager, Matt Bunner, has been named the National Stone, Sand and Gravel Association’s 2015 James M. Christie Safety & Health Professional of the Year. NSSGA is the leading national advocate for the aggregates industry and the award recognizes an individual for substantial contributions and commitment to safe and healthy operating practices within his or her company and the industry.

According to NSSGA, Bunner’s achievements in developing an aggressive safety audit program enabling Mulzer Crushed Stone, Inc. to significantly reduce hazards was one factor in naming him the 2016 award recipient. He also developed compelling training materials that increased the support for safety training among workers and management. Bunner has taken a lead in presenting operator perspectives on compliance to MSHA senior leaders during the agency’s stakeholder outreach tours, and has continually sought to make the company’s operations safer and healthier. It was also noted that Bunner’s efforts have helped to substantially reduce Mulzer Crushed Stone, Inc.’s workman’s compensation rates.

“It doesn’t matter if Matt is on the job or off, safety is always at the forefront of his mind,” said Brian Peters, Environmental Health & Safety Manager at Mulzer Crushed Stone, Inc.  “I’ve never met anyone more passionate about safety than Matt.”

Bunner, a Certified Mine Safety Professional, is an active member of NSSGA’s Safety and Health Committee, which develops and implements best practices for safety and health and urges MSHA to focus regulatory and enforcement resources on areas of greatest risk. He is also a two-term chair of the Indiana Mineral Aggregate Association’s (IMAA’s) Safety Committee, and previously received the IMAA’s President’s Award for distinguished service.

“Matt has made a substantial impact on safety and health throughout the entire United States,” said NSSGA President and CEO Michael W. Johnson. “Advocacy is Job No. 1 for NSSGA, but truly safety is job No. 1 for aggregates operations around the country. Matt’s diligent work and achievements clearly illustrate our industry’s commitment to working to reduce injuries in support of NSSGA’s guiding principles of optimal workplace safety and health.”

The James M. Christie Safety and Health Professional of the Year award was created in 1987 by the National Stone Association (NSA) in recognition of Jim Christie, the corporate safety director for Vulcan Materials Company, after his death. Christie was an industry leader who, in the early 1980s, challenged a young MSHA agency to focus regulations on the safety practices of manager and worker behavior, and not strictly on a facility’s conditions. NSSGA continued this tradition when NSA later merged with the National Aggregates Association.

Allen Thewes

Allen Thewes: Living Out the Mulzer Values Statement, On & Off the Job

Material’s Transport truck driver Allen Thewes is a prime example of living out the Mulzer Crushed Stone, Inc. Values Statement: Family, Team, Customers, Community.  Thewes was honored with the 2015 Celestine Park Distinguished Service Award earlier this month, in front of family and friends, in a ceremony following Mass at St. Celestine Catholic Church, where Thewes is a lifelong member.

Thewes credits winning the award to simply helping out where he’s needed. St. Celestine parishioners told DC Herald Reporter Wyatt Stayner, “Thewes goes to just about every church event there is and the list of clubs he belongs to serves as evidence of his dedication to giving back.”

Thewes is a member of the Knights of Columbus, St. Vincent de Paul, Celestine Community Club, where he’s helped with shooting matches, as well as a member of Celestine Park. Thewes also assisted at some fundraisers for the town’s upcoming 175th birthday in 2018.  Mulzer Crushed Stone, Inc. President Ken Mulzer, Jr. congratulated Thewes on receiving this well-deserved award.  “Recognition for Allen’s hard work and dedication to his community is a perfect example of a Mulzer Employee living out Mulzer Values,” commented Mulzer.

“I like to be around people and help out,” Thewes told Reporter Stayner. “It’s a small town. Everybody pitches in a bit. It doesn’t seem like a job.”

MCS Receives 4-Star AchieveWELL Certification

Mulzer Crushed Stone, Inc. is excited to announce we’ve recently received a 4-Star AchieveWELL certification from the Wellness Council of Indiana! We’re proud of the corporate culture we created that encourages and supports employee health. The 4-Star level signifies that Mulzer has achieved a set of standards for our successful worksite wellness program and recognizes excellence in the field of health promotion. This is a significant achievement and is made possible by involvement of the Mulzer Wellness Committee.