J.H. Rudolph Receives APAI Asphalt Award

The Asphalt Pavement Association of Indiana announced today that J.H. Rudolph & Co., Inc., A CRH Company, has received a Quality Pavement Award for the 2020 resurfacing project on Folsomville Degonia and N 225 E Roads in Warrick County, Indiana.  Crews placed over 12,000 tons of asphalt over the summer, in exorbitantly high temperatures, creating an award winning, smooth ride in the county.

APAI chooses only a handful of projects, in several different categories, throughout the State of Indiana to recognize each year.  “We are proud to announce that our Folsomville Degonia and N 225 E Roads project was one of the select few in 2020.  This award is a testament to the fine paving, quality asphalt and amazing support our crews, plant personnel, truck drivers and administrative staff provide on every project, especially this one,” commented Vice President Chad Hubert.

Project Highlight: IU School of Medicine – Evansville

Evansville, Indiana – Downtown Evansville has been buzzing with the sounds of construction, notably on 5th Street at the site of the future IU School of Medicine – Evansville. Beneath the towering steel beams recently set on the site, a considerable amount of crushed limestone from our Crawford County, Indiana quarries can be found underneath and in the surrounding areas. We are looking forward to seeing the facility come to life in its journey towards completion, expected at the end of this year.  There are many exciting things going on in Downtown Evansville and we’re thrilled to be a part of it.

Steel is up on the IU Medical Center Evansville.

Mulzer Awarded ‘Business of the Year’ by Spencer Co. Chamber

Mulzer Crushed Stone, Inc. was named ‘Business of the Year’ by the Spencer County Regional Chamber of Commerce during a special presentation at the organization’s Annual Dinner last week.  Sales representative Greg Hagedorn was on-hand to accept the award and thank the Chamber for this prestigious honor.  

Mulzer Crushed Stone, Inc. has one yard location in Spencer County, located at 411 Washington Street in Rockport, but participates in and supports many not-for-profit organizations, boards, and schools in the Spencer County region.  We are proud to operate in Spencer County and are honored to receive this sincere accolade from the Chamber and it’s members.

Healthy Weight Awareness

Weigh less for lifeThe 2014 first quarter health topic at the Mulzer Companies is Healthy Weight Awareness.  Coming out of the holidays is a perfect time to concentrate on achieving a healthy weight…not a perfect weight; a healthy weight.  Reducing weight by at least 10% can reduce many chronic health conditions such as elevated blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood glucose.

A free book is available from the Mulzer Wellness Initiative.  Dr. Ann’s WeighLess For Lifebook is available to the first 200 requests.  The book is not a diet in any way, shape or form.

Weigh Less For Life is a comprehensive menu of 21 scientifically-proven eating tips and lifestyle strategies that leverage the most powerful and effective ways to help you rein in your appetite and ultimately eat less.  Eating less and moving more does help to shed unwanted pounds.  The January 10th payroll envelope contained the request form to send in for your copy.  You can also call or email sharieverly@mulzer.com to request your copy.  Limited to one copy per family.

Tell City Repair Shop Rebuilds Equipment

The Mulzer Crushed Stone, Inc. Tell City Repair Shop stays busy year round rebuilding equipment for use by our employees at all locations throughout the company.  The crew spent the fall and winter months rebuilding a Caterpillar 990 Loader and Euclid R-40 Pit Truck.  To do so, the crew removed all of the components that were to be rebuilt, preformed updates on the frames, repaired all the bearing bores, and completed sandblasting and painting on the equipment. 

The crew is currently in the process of rebuilding another Caterpillar 990 Loader and repairing a recently purchased WA700 Loader.  There were several employees involved in getting these projects completed and the new ones started, including the mechanics at the Tell City Repair Shop, the sandblasters and painters from Tell City Concrete and the entire Tell City Parts Department.

Fulton Ave. Overpass

If you’ve traveled on the Lloyd Expressway between Fulton Avenue and the MLK Blvd. exit, you know first hand that something major is happening to the expressway.  Mulzer Crushed Stone, Inc. has already supplied over 150,000 ton of aggregate to this project, which is being ran by Walsh.  This much needed improvement will help streamline traffic in and out of the Downtown Evansville area, adding on and off ramps and elevating the expressway.

An aerial view of the Fulton Ave. Overpass, 2009.

An aerial view of the Fulton Ave. Overpass, 2009.

Hancock Co. Hydroelectric Plant Project

WFIE Channel 14 reported on a major project for Mulzer Crushed Stone.  American Municipal Power is building a $416 million dollar Hydroelectric plant along side the Cannelton Locks and dam.  Over the next 12 months Mulzer will supply 160 barges of quarry rock and 275 barges of sand (estimated).  Visit http://www.14wfie.com/Global/story.asp?S=10855348 to read the article and watch the video.  The Video has a shot of a Mulzer barge being unloaded.

Abengoa Biofuels

PROJECT SPOTLIGHT:  Abengoa Biofuels, located near AB Brown Plant in Posey Co.

This new age Biofuel plant will produce E85 Ethanol out of agriculature products, namely corn. Contractors ICI, Summit Contracting, Deig Bros., Railworks, Mulzer and Agrisystems are working together to build this modern biofuel plant. Mulzer will supply almost 150k ton of aggregates to this project.


Mulzer Crushed Stone, Inc. has it's own fleet of tri-axle trucks, Materials Transport, as well as a network of lease trucks used in the delivery of our aggregate products. Trucking companies are one of most important partners!


New Abengoa Biofuel plant will produce E85 Ethanol using agricultural products, specifically corn.


Almost 150,000 ton of aggregate will be used in the creation of the Abengoa Biofuel Plant.

Enlow Field at Bosse High School

PROJECT SPOTLIGHT: Enlow Field – Bosse High School, Evansville, Ind.

Enlow Field is getting a makeover – Aggregate Style! Mulzer Crushed Stone, Inc. is supplying 53’s to the rebuilding project at Enlow Field, the first in a series of three projects for EVSC. Bosse, Reitz and Central High Schools will all receive athletic field re-builds this summer, led by contractor, Koberstein Contracting using 53’s from Mulzer.

Enlow Field

Enlow Field

Enlow Field

Enlow Field