Years of Service Recognition List for 2020/2021

Congratulations to the following employees who are celebrating a Years of Service Anniversary from 2020 and 2021 with Mulzer Family of Companies!  We look forward to recognizing each employee at the Family Picnics this June.

*Please Note: A list with full names will be posted at all locations.

5 Years of Service

B. Allen B. Ash J. Ashby D. Ball B. Beaven T. Begle
L. Bentley R. Boehm T. Boone D. Breeden M. Brown S. Cochran
N. Conrad D. Curtis J. Daily K. Dame S. Devillez R. Edwards
J. Eschbacher B. Foster C. Foye R. Gogel J. Goldsberry B. Green
C. Green D. Haley D. Hall J. Harris D. Hatfield R. Henry
J. Hobson D. Holder T. Jackson J. Jones E. Keck A. Kemp
N. Korte S. LaCroix J. Majors S. Memmer M. Mislan J. Montgomery
J. Oliver M. Parks L. Percifield G. Perkins B. Pittman C. Rose
K. Ross J. Seipert J. Sorrels J. Stofleth T. Stout C. Vanover
B. Williams

10 Years of Service

K. Chapman J. Dickey K. Eschbacher T. Hollen R. Kemp H. Lashley
D. Lucas M. McDonald K. Medlock M. Polk K. Selby H. Snider
C. Stroud R. Stroud L. Tabor C. Taylor M. Ware B. Williams

15 Years of Service

M. Abbott J. Aders C. Barrow J. Beckort J. Berg E. Bickett
D. Bowling S. Colin J. Conrad K. Emily R. Graef G. Hagedorn
D. Hall L. Hildenbrand R. King K. Kratzer P. Laswell D. Malone
D. McManaway J. Mousty T.  Parr J. Peter R. Rickenbaugh J. Robarge
J. Rogier M. Roll B. Rucker

20 Years of Service

K. Blocker J. Bratton M. Bunner J. Connor R. Dupont E. Ellis
C. Gehlhausen P. Graves J. Hagedorn J. Hall C. Harris J. Hasenour
A. Hawker M. Kelly J. Overton J. Richmer S. Taylor S. Voegerl
R. Walton R. Wydicks

25 Years of Service

D. Briggeman J. Brooks D. Buchanan K. Dupont K. Hall J. Hollcroft
C. Hubert R. Humphrey R. Kelly P. Pitt L. Smith C. Stone
P. Sweeney H. Winfield T. Wiseman

30 Years of Service

T. Anderson D. Bean C. Greene F. Haley

35 Years of Service

J. Allinger W. Basham R. Etienne M. Hall R. Lingerfelt A. Myers

40 Years of Service

G. Allen D. Campbell T. Clutinger T. Flamion F. Loughran B. Peter
D. Pitt J. Roberts

45 Years of Service

R. Wittman

Employee Fishing Tournament – July 21, 2012

Mulzer Crushed Stone, Inc. will be hosting the Summer Fishing Tournament on Saturday, July 21, 2012 at the Blue River at Alton Bridge from 6:30 am to 12:30 pm (EST).  Employees are invited to participate with a $25.00 per boat entry fee.  Details on the Summer Fishing Tournament can be found by clicking the link below. 

Mulzer-JHR Fishing July 21 2012

To sign up, please call Cape Sandy Parts at (812) 739-2929 by 3:00 p.m. (EST) Friday, July 20.

Great American Smoke Out – TODAY!

The American Cancer Society’s Great American Smokeout is Today, November 17, 2011!


This could be the day you stop smoking or using other types of tobaccos!  Maybe you could make a plan to quit today?  The choice is yours!


By quitting tobacco, you can help lower your risk for the following:

  • Gum Disease
  • Cancer (oral, lung esophagus, etc.)
  • Heart Attack
  • Stroke

Click the link below to learn how tobacco impacts your health, especially your oral health.

Tobacco Free & Smiling!

When it comes to tobacco, it’s good to be a quitter!!!!


Kristi Applegate Joins MCS as Accounts Receivable Manager

Kristi Applegate has been named Accounts Receivable Manager at Mulzer Crushed Stone, Inc.  Applegate joined MCS in September and will be responsible for overseeing the customer billing process, as well as various A/R duties.  Applegate is a graduate of the University of Southern Indiana and has a degree in Accounting.  Welcome to the Mulzer Crushed Stone, Inc. Family Kristi!

Kristi Applegate