Years of Service Recognition List for 2020/2021

Congratulations to the following employees who are celebrating a Years of Service Anniversary from 2020 and 2021 with Mulzer Family of Companies!  We look forward to recognizing each employee at the Family Picnics this June.

*Please Note: A list with full names will be posted at all locations.

5 Years of Service

B. Allen B. Ash J. Ashby D. Ball B. Beaven T. Begle
L. Bentley R. Boehm T. Boone D. Breeden M. Brown S. Cochran
N. Conrad D. Curtis J. Daily K. Dame S. Devillez R. Edwards
J. Eschbacher B. Foster C. Foye R. Gogel J. Goldsberry B. Green
C. Green D. Haley D. Hall J. Harris D. Hatfield R. Henry
J. Hobson D. Holder T. Jackson J. Jones E. Keck A. Kemp
N. Korte S. LaCroix J. Majors S. Memmer M. Mislan J. Montgomery
J. Oliver M. Parks L. Percifield G. Perkins B. Pittman C. Rose
K. Ross J. Seipert J. Sorrels J. Stofleth T. Stout C. Vanover
B. Williams

10 Years of Service

K. Chapman J. Dickey K. Eschbacher T. Hollen R. Kemp H. Lashley
D. Lucas M. McDonald K. Medlock M. Polk K. Selby H. Snider
C. Stroud R. Stroud L. Tabor C. Taylor M. Ware B. Williams

15 Years of Service

M. Abbott J. Aders C. Barrow J. Beckort J. Berg E. Bickett
D. Bowling S. Colin J. Conrad K. Emily R. Graef G. Hagedorn
D. Hall L. Hildenbrand R. King K. Kratzer P. Laswell D. Malone
D. McManaway J. Mousty T.  Parr J. Peter R. Rickenbaugh J. Robarge
J. Rogier M. Roll B. Rucker

20 Years of Service

K. Blocker J. Bratton M. Bunner J. Connor R. Dupont E. Ellis
C. Gehlhausen P. Graves J. Hagedorn J. Hall C. Harris J. Hasenour
A. Hawker M. Kelly J. Overton J. Richmer S. Taylor S. Voegerl
R. Walton R. Wydicks

25 Years of Service

D. Briggeman J. Brooks D. Buchanan K. Dupont K. Hall J. Hollcroft
C. Hubert R. Humphrey R. Kelly P. Pitt L. Smith C. Stone
P. Sweeney H. Winfield T. Wiseman

30 Years of Service

T. Anderson D. Bean C. Greene F. Haley

35 Years of Service

J. Allinger W. Basham R. Etienne M. Hall R. Lingerfelt A. Myers

40 Years of Service

G. Allen D. Campbell T. Clutinger T. Flamion F. Loughran B. Peter
D. Pitt J. Roberts

45 Years of Service

R. Wittman

Employee Fishing Tournament – July 21, 2012

Mulzer Crushed Stone, Inc. will be hosting the Summer Fishing Tournament on Saturday, July 21, 2012 at the Blue River at Alton Bridge from 6:30 am to 12:30 pm (EST).  Employees are invited to participate with a $25.00 per boat entry fee.  Details on the Summer Fishing Tournament can be found by clicking the link below. 

Mulzer-JHR Fishing July 21 2012

To sign up, please call Cape Sandy Parts at (812) 739-2929 by 3:00 p.m. (EST) Friday, July 20.

Great American Smoke Out – TODAY!

The American Cancer Society’s Great American Smokeout is Today, November 17, 2011!


This could be the day you stop smoking or using other types of tobaccos!  Maybe you could make a plan to quit today?  The choice is yours!


By quitting tobacco, you can help lower your risk for the following:

  • Gum Disease
  • Cancer (oral, lung esophagus, etc.)
  • Heart Attack
  • Stroke

Click the link below to learn how tobacco impacts your health, especially your oral health.

Tobacco Free & Smiling!

When it comes to tobacco, it’s good to be a quitter!!!!


Kristi Applegate Joins MCS as Accounts Receivable Manager

Kristi Applegate has been named Accounts Receivable Manager at Mulzer Crushed Stone, Inc.  Applegate joined MCS in September and will be responsible for overseeing the customer billing process, as well as various A/R duties.  Applegate is a graduate of the University of Southern Indiana and has a degree in Accounting.  Welcome to the Mulzer Crushed Stone, Inc. Family Kristi!

Kristi Applegate


Charlestown Quarry Open House – Saturday, Oct. 29

Mulzer Crushed Stone, Inc. Charlestown Quarry will be having their annual open house on Saturday, October 29 from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. (EST).  The quarry is located at 15602 Charlestown/Bethlehem Road in Charlestown, Indiana. 

Employees, families and the public are welcome to take a closer look at our Charlestown Quarry.  Enjoy lunch and prizes as well!

Water Wellness Contest Winners

The following winners were drawn from those who successfully accomplished drinking 64 oz. of water at least 5 days per week during the month of August:

Tammy Harding (spouse of Elton Harding – Tell City Parts)

Amy Harris (spouse of Justin Harris – Rockport)

Barbara Meredith (spouse of Tom Meredith – Newburgh Driver)

Matt Parks (Cape Sandy)

Thank you to all particpants! Please continue drinking your water daily for a healthy lifestyle!

New Parts Truck Added to Fleet

     The Tell City Parts Department recently purchased a 2011 Isuzu truck to use in the transportation of parts between our out-lying locations and the main office in Tell City, Indiana.  The new truck is snub-nosed style with a cargo box attached.  Traditionally, the company has purchased Ford or Chevy models, and the Isuzu definitely has it’s own ‘unique’ look as compared. 

     The company chose the Isuzu style because it offers better fuel mileage and a more compact design for hauling cargo.  The new cab style allows us to keep the bed length to our specifications, including an area for a cargo box that helps keep our freight dry during rainy days.

Watch for our newest parts truck, the white 2011 Isuzu.

2011 Winter Training Sessions Begin Today

2011 Winter Training Sessions begin today at Shamblin Stone in West Virginia. Below is a list of training sessions, dates and locations. Your supervisor will inform you if your attendance at one of these is required. All Mulzer Crushed Stone, Inc. employees should plan on attending one of the Annual Safety Meetings on March 7 & 8 in Santa Claus. Your supervisor will let you know which meeting you are required to attend.

January 11 & 12–Shamblin Stone, Inc. Annual Safety Meetings

January 17 & 18Mulzer Crushed Stone, Inc. Annual River Safety Training

January 20 Supervisor’s Annual Meeting at our Main Office in Tell City, Ind.

February 2 & 3 IMAA Winter Workshops

March 7 & 8Mulzer Crushed Stone, Inc. Annual Safety Meetings at Santa Claus United Methodist Church in Santa Claus, Ind.

Open Enrollment for Adult Dependent Coverage

     December 1, 2010 through December 30, 2010 is open enrollmenton the Mulzer Crushed Stone, Inc./CIGNA Health Plan for any adult dependent children that were terminated from the health plan due to age or school status. 

     This open enrollment is due to the new health care reform.  Adult dependent children can be enrolled and remain on the health plan until age 26, provided they do not have other health coverage available through their own employment.   The effective date of the health plan for the dependent will be January 1, 2011.

     Contact Shari Everly at 812-547-1400 or 877-699-5627, ext. 50156 to request the enrollment forms.  If the dependent has never been on the health plan, a copy of the birth certificate will be required for the enrollment process.

Cape Sandy Fishing Tournament

     Mulzer Crushed Stone, Inc. employees are invited to compete in the Cape Sandy Fishing Tournament on Saturday, September 18 at the Bridge at Blue River in Alton, IN.  The tournament will begin at 7:30 am (EST) and last until 2:30 pm.  There is a $25.00 per boat entry fee and there must be at least one Mulzer employee on each boat.  Paybacks are as follows:

Payback: BIG BASS 100%

1st place 50% total weight

2nd place 30% total weight

3rd place 20% total weight

     For a complete list of tournament rules or to sign up, please contact the Cape Sandy Parts department at (812) 739-2929.

Neil Mulzer Memorial Scholarships Announced

       Mulzer Crushed Stone, Inc. is pleased to announce the following 2010 Neil Mulzer Memorial Scholarship award winners.  Recipients must be children of Mulzer Crushed Stone, Inc. employees, graduate from an accredited high school and attend a higher education institution.  Each scholarship winner received $500 to attend the school of their choice.  The following high school graduates were awarded the scholarship:

Michael Allen– son of Timothy Sr. (New Amsterdam) & Norma Allen.  Michael is a graduate of Corydon Central High School and plans to attend the University of Northwestern Ohio to study diesel technology.

Kaelin Baize– daughter of Raymond (Tower) & Kimberly Smith.  Kaelin is a graduate of Crawford Co. High School and plans to attend Indiana Wesleyan University to study dentistry.

Elizabeth Bitzer– daughter of Alan Bitzer (Cape Sandy) & the late Kim Bitzer.  Elizabeth is a graduate of Crawford Co. High School and plans to attend Indiana University Southeast to study nursing.

Chris Bowling – son of Don (Salesman based in West Virginia) & Evelyn Bowling.  Chris is a graduate of Hurricane High School and plans to attend Marshall University for general studies.

Daniel Bowling – son of Nathan (Switch Boat) & Tamara Bowling.  Daniel is a graduate of Heritage Hills High School and plans to attend the University of Evansville to study music education.

Dustin Bowman– son of Jimmy (Charlestown) & Lisa Bowman.  Dustin is a graduate of New Washington High School and plans to attend Indiana University Southeast.

Leslie Everly– daughter of Shari (TC Office) & Jeff Everly.  Leslie is a graduate of Tell City High School and plans to attend Vincennes University for general studies.

Caitlynn Gasaway– daughter of Jeff (Newburgh) & Denise Gasaway.  Caitlynn is a graduate of Heritage Hills High School and plans to attend Vincennes University-Jasper Campus to study elementary education.

Patrick Hagedorn– son of Julie (TC Office) & John (Cape Sandy) Richmer.  Patrick is a graduate of Tell City High School and plans to attend Ball State University to study telecommunications.

Taylor Hall – son of Kevin (Cape Sandy) & Gwen Hall.  Taylor is a graduate of Perry Central High School and plans to attend Western Kentucky University to study civil engineering.

Maria Hermann– daughter of Mark (Rockport) & Jody Hermann.  Maria is a graduate of Heritage Hills High School and plans to attend the University of Southern Indiana to study sales management.

Craig Jarboe– son of Angie Jarboe (TC Office) and the late Terry Jarboe.  Craig is a graduate of Tell City High School and plans to attend Ball State University to study architecture.

Breanna Jordan– daughter of Susie (TC Parts) & John Shephard, and Stephen Jordan.  Breanna is a graduate of TellCity High School and plans to attend Indiana University Southeast to study elementary education.

Olivia Schroeder – daughter of Duane (Cape Sandy) & Theresa Schroeder.  Olivia is a graduate of Perry Central High School and plans to attend Western Kentucky University to study agribusiness/animal science.

Abram Smith– son of Bob (Abydel) & Donna Smith.  Abram is a graduate of Crawford Co. High School and plans to attend Northeast Iowa Community College to study dairy science.

Samantha Todd– daughter of Jeremy (Evansville) & Charlotte Todd.  Samantha is a graduate of North Posey High School and plans to attend the University of Southern Indiana to study elementary education.

Anthony Visk – son of Darren (#15 Dredge) & Sharon Ewing.  Anthony is a graduate of South Spencer High School and plans to attend Southern Illinois University to study physical education.

Erika Ward – daughter of Jerry (Cape Sandy) & Terri Ward.  Erika is a graduate of Perry Central High School and plans to attend Indiana University Southeast to study elementary education.

Kelsey Wood– daughter of Lance (Cape Sandy) & Julie Kingery.  Kelsey is a graduate of North Harrison High School and plans to attend Jefferson Community College to study sonography.

   Mulzer Crushed Stone, Inc. would like to wish the scholoarship winners congratulations and good luck in their future endeavors.

Mulzer Employee Gets Up Close with President Obama

  Mulzer Crushed Stone, Inc. employee Bill Taylor and his wife Ann got an opportunity to meet a very important American while vacationing in Maine over the summer.  While visiting Acadia National Park off the coast of Maine, President Barack Obama made a stop in the same area they were viewing within the park.  President Obama was vacationing with his family as well, but made time to say hello to the Taylor’s and others viewing a breathtaking overlook at Acadia. 

MCS Employee Bill Taylor looks on as President Obama talks to tourists visiting the overlook at Acadia

Ann Taylor shakes hands with President Obama

2010 MCS Fishing Tournament – Results

The results of the 2010 Mulzer Crushed Stone, Inc. Fishing Tournament last Saturday are in!

Big Bass Winner: Chris Orman

1st Place – Derrick Presley & Gunnery Presley

2nd Place – Chris Orman and Derek Schraner

3rd Place – Robert Schraner and Bobby Schraner

Thank you to all 13 boats/participants for competing in the fishing tournament!

Company Picnics were a Blast from the Past!

The 2010 Mulzer Crushed Stone, Inc. company picnics were a hit, as usual, with employees and their families.  The picnic theme this year focused on celebrating the company’s 75th anniversary.  Events from decades-ago picnics resurfaced, including one of the first company logos, which was the artwork for the picnic t-shirt.  Young picnic-goers got to ‘shave the balloon’, ‘chug a mello-yello’ and ‘fish for candy’, among other popular games, to win fun summer prizes.  Everyone enjoyed a delicious meal, barbequed chicken, catfish fiddlers, creek fries and more, specially made for Mulzer Crushed Stone, Inc. employees and their families. 




Health Action Campaign

Our first contest is the return of the Healthy Hike. So get those walking shoes ready! This is a 4 week contest based on an easy everyday exercise … Walking!  This contest will run from May 2 – May 29.  Pedometers, log sheets and instructions will be provided at your wellness screening in April. 

You will be required to successfully complete Healthy Hike to receive the Health Insurance Premium Discount effective July 1. (Depending on your risk factors, you may also be required to complete a coaching program).  Track your number of steps per day by using the pedometer provided.  Turn your log sheet in to the Tell City or Shamblin office weekly.  Each employee must earn a minimum of 14 points each week to receive the premium discount.  Additional requirements to qualify for prize drawings will be provided to you at the screenings in April.

Shamblin Stone prize winners will receive a gift card to Sam’s Club of $50. Mulzer Crushed Stone and Materials Transport prize winners will receive Family Fun Pack Tickets to Holiday World.

Notice to Interested Parties

Employees of Mulzer Crushed Stone, Inc., Shamblin Stone, Inc. and Materials Transport, Inc. who are eligible to participate in the Mulzer Crushed Stone, Inc. & other related companies employees’ 401(k) profit sharing plan may click on the link below to read the Notice to Interested Parties.

Notice to Interested Parties

New Health Insurance Rates

Employee health insurance rates are being increased and will be effective on your July 15, 2010 paycheck.  We are expecting an increase of 5% or less.  Final numbers will be available in May. Employees will be eligible for discounted rates if they meet specific terms of the Wellness Screenings.

Terms of the Wellness Screenings to Determine your Health Insurance Rate

In 2010, all employees will be required to participate in a minimum of one of our three (3) Health Action Campaigns to earn your discounted health insurance rate.  In addition, if the results of the screening determines you, the employee, is at risk for three (3) or more factors, you will also be required to complete a coaching program with CIGNA to earn your discounted health insurance rate.  The savings are substantial. We encourage you to take advantage of these free programs.

In lieu of completing a Health Action Campaign, you may also be eligible for the discount upon successful completion of any of the following, 5K run or further, half-marathon, sprint triathlon, 20+ mile bike ride or meeting your fitness goal by a personal trainer. Submit appropriate proof for company approval.

'Building a Better You' Health Screenings are Scheduled!

Do you know your cholesterol, blood sugar, blood pressure and body mass index?   Are there areas for improvement in your health? The confidential health screening by CIGNA, which will take about 15 minutes, will be an opportunity to answer those questions.  The goal is to help you, and your spouse, achieve your health-related goals and make the most of your health care coverage.

In addition to attending the screening, each employee and spouse (covered under the health insurance plan) will be required to complete the On-Line Health Assessment. The assessment is a questionnaire about your health and well being which takes about 15 minutes to complete.  Employees and spouses are encouraged to complete the health assessment prior to the screening appointment. We encourage you to complete the on-line assessment by April 2 to be eligible for a drawing of an iPod shuffle.  However, if either of you are unable to complete the assessment prior to the screening, CIGNA representatives will be present to assist you. Bring your User ID and Password to the screening to complete the assessment.  (Instructions to complete the on-line assessment are provided in this newsletter)

Remember, this screening and health assessment are mandatory, if you or your spouse want to remain on the health insurance plan after July 1, 2010.  The next opportunity for open enrollment in the health insurance plan will be July 1, 2011, based on your participation in the wellness screenings in 2011.

Employee Screening Opportunities (local time)

Wednesday, April 7    New Amsterdam         6 am – 9 am; 10 am – 1:45 pm; 5 pm – 7 pm ET

Friday, April 9            Charlestown                8 am – 12:30 pm ET

Monday, April 12       Rockport                     6 am – 11:30 am CST

Monday, April 12       Tell City Office           1:30 pm – 4:30 pm; 5:30 pm – 8:00 pm CST

Tuesday, April 13       Tell City Office           5:30 am – 11:00 am; 12 pm – 3:30 pm CST

Wednesday, April 14 Newburgh                   6:00 am – 10:00 am CST

Wednesday, April 14 Evansville                    12:00 pm – 4:00 pm CST

Thursday, April 15      Maltersville                 5:30 am – 9:30 am ET

Thursday, April 15      Abydel                        1:30 pm – 5:30 pm ET

Tuesday, April 20       Cape Sandy                 6 am – 9 am; 9:30 am – 12:00pm; 4-8 pm ET 

Wednesday, April 21 Cape Sandy                 6 am – 8 am ET

Wednesday, April 21 Temple                        2:30 pm– 5:30 pm ET

Thursday, April 22      Tower                          8 am – 12:30 pm ET

Tuesday, April 27       Shamblin Stone           6 am – 10 am; 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm ET

Spouse Screening Opportunities (local time)  

Thursday, April 8        Baymont Inn-Corydon, IN     9 am – noon; 1-4 pm; 5-8 pm ET

Monday, April 12       Tell City Office                       1:30 pm–4:30 pm; 5:30 pm–8:00 pm CST     

Tuesday, April 13       Tell City Office                       8:00 am-11:00 am; 12:00 pm-3:30 pm CST

Thursday, April 15      Maltersville                             8:00 am – 9:30 am ET

Tuesday, April 27       Shamblin Office                      8:30 am – 10:00 am; 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm ET

Spouses living further than 30 miles from these locations, may be eligible for alternative testing at an independent LabCorp facility.

MCS Motorcycle Ride

The Mulzer Crushed Stone, Inc. Motorcycle ride is scheduled for Saturday, May 15 with a rain date of June 26.

The 2010 Ride will begin at Exit 79 off I-64 at Subway and end at the main office in Tell City, IN. 

The ride will be about 160 miles, including a drive in and through Kentucky.

If you are interested in participating, please sign up by May 8th, by contacting Pat Englert at the Maltersville yard.

Direct Line: 812-482-9259; Fax: 812-482-9247; E-mail:

You  can also contact Steve Taylor at 812-719-2703 or via e-mail at

Employee Kerry Dougan Shines in Spencer County


Kerry Dougan

Kerry Dougan

Mulzer Crushed Stone, Inc. employee, Kerry Dougan, recently accepted the appointment of Spencer County Chamber of Commerce Chairman of the Board at the Chamber’s Annual Dinner.  His term will run for one full year.  Dougan’s main responsibility will encompass promoting the prosperity of existing businesses in Spencer County.  When asked how he plans to achieve his vision Dougan commented, “I plan to focus on organizing efforts to maintain and open lines of communication between businesses operating in Spencer County.”

We wish Kerry the best of luck in his role as Chairman of the Board and congratulate him on his acceptance of the position.

Merry Maintenace Winners Announced

The Mulzer Crushed Stone, Inc. and Shamblin Stone, Inc. Merry Maintenance Contest Winners were announced at the company annual safety meetings at the end of January. Employees were challenged to maintain their weight over the holiday season and every employee that met this goal was entered into a drawing for four tickets to a NASCAR race.

Mulzer Crushed Stone, Inc. winners were Charlie Gibson, Billy McNeely, Phillip Graebe and Craig Parker. Shamblin Stone, Inc. winners were Jeff Turley and Tim Huffman. Each Mulzer winner received four tickets to the NASCAR Talladega Race and each Shamblin winner received four tickets to the NASCAR Coke 600 Race in Charlotte.

Congratulations to the winners and to all the employees who completed the Merry Maintenance Challenge successfully.

Charlie Gibson (winner), Bart Mulzer and Billy McNeely (winner) pose with winning tickets

Charlie Gibson (winner), Bart Mulzer and Billy McNeely (winner) pose with winning tickets

Winner Phillip Graebe with Ken Mulzer, Jr.

Winner Phillip Graebe with Ken Mulzer, Jr.

Winner Craig Parker with Ken Mulzer, Jr.

Winner Craig Parker with Ken Mulzer, Jr.

Shamblin Stone, Inc. employee Jeff Turley

Shamblin Stone, Inc. employee Jeff Turley

Brian Peters with Shambline Stone, Inc. Winner Tim Huffman

Brian Peters with Shambline Stone, Inc. Winner Tim Huffman

Remembering Edgar Mulzer

Recently the Mulzer family lost one of the brothers who started Mulzer Crushed Stone, Inc. Edgar was the youngest of 3 brothers (Arnold, Roland and Edgar) who started Mulzer Brothers in the middle of the Great Depression. This linked article tells us about his life and his impact on Spencer County and all of Southwest Indiana.

Mulzer’s foresight, dedication changed Spencer County

From the Article…


SPENCER COUNTY – Edgar C. Mulzer, who helped provide the basic building materials that helped Spencer County and southern Indiana grow for decades, died Jan. 23.

In the late 1940s, along with his brothers Arnold and Roland, Mulzer started the business of limestone quarries and Ohio River sand-and-gravel dredging operations that provided aggregates for highways, bridges and dam construction. The brothers’ first quarries were located at Eckerty, Derby, Cape Sandy and Temple and operated distribution and sales locations in Rockport, Newburgh, Evansville, and Gibson County. The company’s main office was located, as it is today, in Tell City.

Edgar and Roland left the stone business in 1969 and brother Arnold Mulzer’s children took over the company. In 1972, Edgar Mulzer entered the banking business and became chairman and chief executive officer of Dale State Bank. During his tenure, the Grandview, Rockport and Chrisney banks were joined with Dale State Bank and a new branch was built in Hatfield.

The combined locations became the Lincolnland Bancorp and were merged with National City Bank in Evansville in 1994.

One of his major objectives in his business and banking life was to nurture small businesses to help them grow and provide communities with jobs. Mulzer was an early investor and supporter of Thermwood and Spencer Plastics corporations located in Dale. He served on the board of directors for Huntingburg Bank, Spencer Plastics and Thermwood and remained active well into his retirement years.

Mulzer was one of the founding members of Emmanuel Lutheran Church in Tell City.

He was a World War II veteran, entering the U.S. Army Air Corps in 1942. He served as a B-25 crew chief during the war. He was ordered to North Africa in February 1942 and moved with the U.S. forces across North Africa, and into Italy and Corsica as the war progressed until its end.

From his early years, Mulzer had a curiosity and love for travel. He made his first cross-country drive to California in the winter of 1940 in a new car he had just purchased.

He repeated this drive to California in 1948 with his new bride, Roberta Kramer of Chrisney. Another cross-country drive to San Diego was made in 2007 at the age of 89 with his daughter and son-in-law to attend a World War II reunion of his U.S. Air Force unit, the 57th Bomb Wing. Mulzer took his longest driving trip in 1997, traveling roundtrip from Tell City, across the U.S. to Canada and following the Trans-Alaskan Highway to Fairbanks, Alaska.

Along with family and friends, he visited more than 50 countries from Antarctica to the Arctic Circle. Among his excursions were safaris to Africa, a visit to the Galapagos Islands, watching an eclipse of the sun in Peru and climbing Mount Kilimanjaro at age 75.

He enjoyed traveling with his family to Italy, Alaska and Germany where they visited the ancestral home in Bavaria of his grandfather, Wolfgang Mulzer, who settled near Evanston in 1850.

In later years, Mulzer and his wife formed the Edgar and Roberta Mulzer Foundation to support organizations and charities across southern Indiana with emphasis on Spencer, Perry and Crawford counties.