As a reminder, CIGNA is currently contacting employees and spouses due to their results of the annual wellness screening and health risk assessments.  Employees and spouses are required to complete any CIGNA coaching based on their health screening and health assessment in order to continue paying the discounted health insurance premium rate effective 7/1/2012.  

If a CIGNA Health Advisor leaves a message on your phone, you are advised to return their call.  CIGNA should advise you that “you have been identified for the Health Advisor Program due to the health assessment and health screening and there is a premium impact if you do not participate”. CIGNA will make several attempts to reach you by phone, and if unable to reach you, they will then mail you a letter.  If you do not respond to one of these attempts, you will be reported as “unable to reach”, which results in your insurance premium increasing to the full rate.  CIGNA uses an automated call system to initially reach you and once your identity is verified, you will be transferred to a CIGNA Health Advisor.   The phone number to Cigna Health Advisor Coaching is 1-855-246-1873.  The hours of the Health Advisor department are 8 a.m.-8 p.m. M-F (all time zones) and 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Saturday (central time).  In addition, for any employee/spouse that declines the required coaching based on their health screening/assessment results, their premium will increase to the full rate.