Dereck Zehr - 2015 IMAA Trucker of the Year

Dereck Zehr Named IMAA 2015 Trucker of the Year

Materials Transport employee Dereck Zehr was named IMAA’s 2015 Trucker of the Year Award presented last month at the Indiana Mineral Aggregates Association Annual Meeting.  This award was established to recognize outstanding service to the aggregates industry by a driver for an aggregate trucking company. As a respected and responsible leader in the trucking industry, this individual’s achievements in customer service, driving safety, vehicle maintenance and community involvement deserve special recognition. Truckers nominated for this award exemplify the very best in their profession.

Dereck began his career with Materials Transport in June of 2007. Having grown up on a farm and working with farm equipment, he decided that he wanted to drive a truck for a living. He was hired to drive a tri-axle at the Maltersville location and soon became one of the most dependable and skilled drivers.

Dereck is very safety oriented. He is a certified Master Driver by the Indiana Motor Truck Association. This honor requires that he have 10 years of accident free driving along with having gone at least 3 years without a DOT violation as well as a record of community service. Since coming to Materials Transport, he has never had an accident or DOT violation. He maintains one of the cleanest & best maintained vehicles in the fleet. Along with his driving skills, he has been helping as a mechanic as well. On a daily basis, he makes sure that other trucks are ready to go before jumping in his to begin his deliveries. Because of these skills and his willingness to help, he has become a part of the new truck purchase team. This team advises the company on proper equipment purchases that will benefit the company and drivers.

Dereck never has customer complaints and is involved with his community to help others with mechanical problems and other projects. He was also involved with little league baseball programs when his son was growing up. Congratulations Dereck Zehr, 2015 Trucker of the Year Award!