A Family of Employees

Day in and day out, the Mulzer companies help build the Ohio River Valley. The rock, sand and gravel we provide go into houses, buildings and roads over a vast area. All the credit goes to our employees. They represent the hardest working crew in the world! We truly feel that all our employees are part of the Mulzer family.

This family atmosphere is evident at the company’s annual summer picnics. It all started with the construction of the camp itself. Many employees worked together with the owners after hours and on weekends to build it. Although the original building has been replaced with a large open building, the spirit of its birth lives on.

arnold picnicToday the company picnics are held in the early summer. Employees and owners work together to make the food and provide games for one and all. The menu includes BBQ chicken, fiddlers and a company specialty, creek fried potatoes. The feast is topped off by some of the many desserts provided by employees and their families. Every year the picnic is put on the road and taken to our employees in West Virginia.

When camp is not being used for the company family picnics, it is available to employees for their own family gatherings. Some local community events are also hosted, but the camp remains dedicated to the employees of the Mulzer companies.