New Health Action Campaign

     Attention Mulzer Crushed Stone, Inc. Employees!  Our next health contest is called Sleep Healthy.  This is an educational sleep program for employees to participate in to see if they have a sleeping problem, or just how well they do sleep.  This contest will run from Sept. 12 through Oct. 9.   It’s Simple!  All you have to do is record your sleep on a log sheet each morning.  The back side of each log sheet contains useful tips on getting a healthy, good night’s sleep.  Be sure to read over the tips.  (Log sheets have already been distributed at each location.) 

     To successfully complete the Sleep Healthy Program, you must receive a minimum of 7 hours of sleep for 5 out of the 7 nights, each of the 4 weeks.  Employees who successfully complete the program will be eligible for random drawings.  Employees who did not successfully complete the Healthy Hike in May and are paying the standard insurance premium can qualify for the discounted premium by successfully completing the Sleep Healthy Program.  (Depending on your risk factors from the April wellness screenings, you may also be required to complete a coaching program). 

     Log your sleep hours, aiming for 7 hours or more for optimal physical and mental health.  Turn your log sheet in to the Tell City or Shamblin office weekly.  The winners will be notified.  Sweet Dreams!