New Health Insurance Rates Effective Immediately

Effective July 2012, there will be an increase in employee health insurance rates.  You will see the rate change on your July 12th  dated paycheck. 

Mulzer Crushed Stone, Inc., Materials Transport, Inc. and Shamblin Stone, Inc. employees will all receive the discounted rates if the Healthy Hike program was successfully completed and along with any required coaching based on the health screening  by both employees and spouses.

                                                            Full Rate                                 Discounted Rate

Employee Only                                     $55.74/per pay                          $13.99/per pay

Employee & Children                            $75.80/per pay                          $34.05/per pay

Employee & Spouse                             $142.61/per pay                        $54.93/per pay

Employee, Spouse & Children              $163.14/per pay                        $75.46/per pay


Short-Term Disability                            $9.51/per pay                            $9.51/per pay