Years of Service Recognition List for 2020/2021

Congratulations to the following employees who are celebrating a Years of Service Anniversary from 2020 and 2021 with Mulzer Family of Companies!  We look forward to recognizing each employee at the Family Picnics this June.

*Please Note: A list with full names will be posted at all locations.

5 Years of Service

B. Allen B. Ash J. Ashby D. Ball B. Beaven T. Begle
L. Bentley R. Boehm T. Boone D. Breeden M. Brown S. Cochran
N. Conrad D. Curtis J. Daily K. Dame S. Devillez R. Edwards
J. Eschbacher B. Foster C. Foye R. Gogel J. Goldsberry B. Green
C. Green D. Haley D. Hall J. Harris D. Hatfield R. Henry
J. Hobson D. Holder T. Jackson J. Jones E. Keck A. Kemp
N. Korte S. LaCroix J. Majors S. Memmer M. Mislan J. Montgomery
J. Oliver M. Parks L. Percifield G. Perkins B. Pittman C. Rose
K. Ross J. Seipert J. Sorrels J. Stofleth T. Stout C. Vanover
B. Williams

10 Years of Service

K. Chapman J. Dickey K. Eschbacher T. Hollen R. Kemp H. Lashley
D. Lucas M. McDonald K. Medlock M. Polk K. Selby H. Snider
C. Stroud R. Stroud L. Tabor C. Taylor M. Ware B. Williams

15 Years of Service

M. Abbott J. Aders C. Barrow J. Beckort J. Berg E. Bickett
D. Bowling S. Colin J. Conrad K. Emily R. Graef G. Hagedorn
D. Hall L. Hildenbrand R. King K. Kratzer P. Laswell D. Malone
D. McManaway J. Mousty T.  Parr J. Peter R. Rickenbaugh J. Robarge
J. Rogier M. Roll B. Rucker

20 Years of Service

K. Blocker J. Bratton M. Bunner J. Connor R. Dupont E. Ellis
C. Gehlhausen P. Graves J. Hagedorn J. Hall C. Harris J. Hasenour
A. Hawker M. Kelly J. Overton J. Richmer S. Taylor S. Voegerl
R. Walton R. Wydicks

25 Years of Service

D. Briggeman J. Brooks D. Buchanan K. Dupont K. Hall J. Hollcroft
C. Hubert R. Humphrey R. Kelly P. Pitt L. Smith C. Stone
P. Sweeney H. Winfield T. Wiseman

30 Years of Service

T. Anderson D. Bean C. Greene F. Haley

35 Years of Service

J. Allinger W. Basham R. Etienne M. Hall R. Lingerfelt A. Myers

40 Years of Service

G. Allen D. Campbell T. Clutinger T. Flamion F. Loughran B. Peter
D. Pitt J. Roberts

45 Years of Service

R. Wittman

Temple Quarry Goes 5 Years with Zero MSHA Citations

Mulzer Crushed Stone, Inc.’s Temple Quarry received industry accolades this week for going five (5) years without a single MSHA citation.  While every organization under the watchful eye of MSHA strives to conclude an inspection with the same result, MSHA’s detailed and systematic approach can often result in very minor citations that simply must be addressed.  For example, aggregate quarries are required to file mountains of paperwork each year to be in compliance with many MSHA requirements.  Think about all of the paper you have to fill out in your daily life or at work and you can understand how easy it would be to accidentally miss a step. Ever had a headlight go out on your vehicle and not notice it during daylight hours?  That’s another example of a MSHA citation that is difficult to catch before an inspection.

To put this achievement into greater perspective, consider that Temple Quarry receives 2 MSHA inspections a year, with each one lasting anywhere from 2 to 3 days – that’s 144 hours of intense, in-depth review a year.  All in, MSHA inspectors have been on site at Temple for over 700 hours in the last five years and haven’t found one single citation. That’s pretty impressive.

Since taking shape in 1978, under the Mine Act of 1977, MSHA has continued to work to reduce injuries, illnesses and fatalities through enforcement as well as active outreach, education & training, and technical support in the mining industry.  Mulzer Crushed Stone, Inc. values the working relationship we have with MSHA and the shared resources available to help us ensure our employees make it home to their families safely, every single day.   Temple Quarry’s five year record, with zero citations, illustrates an extreme dedication to safety by all employees, those who work at Temple daily and those who are in support roles off-site.  Way to go Mulzer & Temple Teams!

2020: A Year of Giving

Throughout a year of unprecedented uncertainties, one thing remained the same at Mulzer Family of Companies: Our commitment to giving back to the communities we live and operate in.   A few of the major Community Involvement Milestones we are extremely proud of from 2020 included:

  • A $20,280 donation to Perry Co. Indiana Habitat for Humanity raised during our 2nd Annual Helping Habitat Virtual Golf Outing.
  • Lincoln Hills Development Corporation (LHDC) named us – “2020 Community Partner of the Year”.
  • Major sponsor of Keep Evansville Beautiful’s 2nd Annual Russ Woosley Memorial Golf Outing.
  • Holiday food donations to serve families in Spencer & Crawford County through LHDC and N. Spencer Community Action Center.
  • Significant support as a Community Partner with Junior Achievement of Southwestern Indiana.

J.H. Rudolph Receives APAI Asphalt Award

The Asphalt Pavement Association of Indiana announced today that J.H. Rudolph & Co., Inc., A CRH Company, has received a Quality Pavement Award for the 2020 resurfacing project on Folsomville Degonia and N 225 E Roads in Warrick County, Indiana.  Crews placed over 12,000 tons of asphalt over the summer, in exorbitantly high temperatures, creating an award winning, smooth ride in the county.

APAI chooses only a handful of projects, in several different categories, throughout the State of Indiana to recognize each year.  “We are proud to announce that our Folsomville Degonia and N 225 E Roads project was one of the select few in 2020.  This award is a testament to the fine paving, quality asphalt and amazing support our crews, plant personnel, truck drivers and administrative staff provide on every project, especially this one,” commented Vice President Chad Hubert.

Mulzer Employees Rescue Crew from Sinking Historic Paddle Boat

Gambler Paddleboat traveling the Ohio River, days before encountering trouble. Credit: Harmar Village – Marietta, Ohio Facebook page.

“When I see something, I will say and do something.”  At approximately 12:30 pm Central on Monday, September 28, the old historic paddle boat sternwheeler, Gambler, was heading downriver on a trip from Cincinnati to the Mississippi.  It was at Ohio River mile marker #507, close to our #15 dredge, when our dredge master Jason Risley noticed the boat was in trouble.  “I started watching it, and something did not look right.  We thought we should go check on them because the boat was not positioned right”, commented Risley.  Jason and Scott Devillez from our Rockport Dry Dock quickly jumped into the Jon Boat and went to help.  By the time they reached the Gambler, it had already sunk.  Jason and Scott saw two individuals injured and bleeding in the water where the Gambler went down.  Jason said, “My first thought was to ask them ‘ How many are we looking for?’”  Thankfully, they were able to pull the two seriously injured crew members on board the Jon Boat to safety.  Their safety training kicked in and Scott and Jason administered emergency first aid procedures and rushed them to the Grandview boat ramp where Emergency Personnel were waiting to transport the injured to the hospital.


Images taken of the Gambler as it started to sink & after fully submerged.

According to a Facebook post, Gambler Co-Captain, Mark Heslep, posted, “She went down near Lewisport, IN, upriver from Owensboro, KY, at 1:31 p.m. EST on Monday. Low freewall at the stern caused the engine room to flood. She went over in a heartbeat.“ He continued, “(We) were in the wheelhouse at the time and were able to help each other climb out.  A crew downriver launched their lifeboat and got to us in minutes.”  His post ended with,” Lucky to be alive.”  The Gambler was embarked on a 1,347 mile, two-river adventure that was destined for mile marker #830 on the Mississippi River. The only people on board were Co-Captain Heslep and the Gambler’s owner & Co-Captain, Gary Lusso.


Jason Risley & Scott Devillez

No one knows how they will react in an emergency situation, but Jason and Scott didn’t wait to take action, and saved two lives in the process.  It’s not every day you see an old, historic paddleboat floating down the Ohio, especially one that is in danger and sinking. Jason trusted his instincts and with Scott’s help, hurriedly reached the sunken boat just in time to make a huge difference in Co-Captain Heslep and Lusso’s lives.   “One word comes to mind when I think about what Jason & Scott did that day: Amazing”, commented Ken Mulzer, Jr., President of Mulzer Family of Companies.  “We are extremely proud of the quick, lifesaving measures they took in a very serious situation on the water.”