Dolomite Lime

Dolomite Lime
Specification(s): Commercial
Material: Limestone
Location(s): Charlestown Quarry Dale Depot Evansville Depot Henderson Depot Mount Vernon Depot Rockport Depot Tell City Depot

Want The Specifics?

For more specific information about our agricultural lime from each location, please refer to the Indiana Aglime Quality Report.

Each year, the Indiana Aglime Council publishes an Indiana Aglime Quality Report. The document is a resource for farmers, dealers, or anyone interested in using Dolomite Lime to improve their soil pH. It includes the current year’s sample test results for Aglime Council members.

Why Dolomite Lime?

Dolomite Lime is a natural soil remedy, bolstering crop yields through a number of benefits. When your soil is too acidic, apply Dolomite Lime to:

  • Balance the soil pH, optimizing your plants’ ability to uptake applied fertilizers.
  • Slow the leaching of expensive fertilizers below the root zone.
  • Add valuable nutrients such as calcium and magnesium back into your soil.
  • Improve soil tilth by increasing the number of microbial bacteria that aid in the decomposition of agricultural residue, such as corn stalks and other plant matter.
  • Promote deeper root growth in dry conditions.
  • Improve drainage in wet conditions.