Indiana #53

Indiana #53 (INDOT #53 CAPP)
Specification(s): INDOT Commercial
Material: Limestone
Location(s): Abydel Quarry Cape Sandy Quarry Charlestown Quarry Dale Depot Evansville Depot Griffin Sand & Gravel Pit Henderson Depot Mount Vernon Depot New Amsterdam Quarry Newburgh Depot Rockport Depot Tell City Depot Temple Quarry Tower Quarry

Indiana #53 (INDOT #53 CAPP)

Sieve Analysis / Gradation
The Sieve Analysis specification shown below is what the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) requires for Indiana #53 CAPP material.

Please note that actual sieve analysis can change over time based on quarry/plant location and the ledge of stone that the material is being produced from at any given time. For a more specific sieve analysis, please contact the Mulzer location that you intend to purchase the stone from.

Sieve Size % Passing
1-1/2″ 100%
1″ 80-100%
3/4″ 70-90%
1/2″ 55-80%
No. 4 35-60%
No. 8 25-50%
No. 30 12-30%
No. 200 5.0-10.0%