Indiana #8

Indiana #8 (INDOT #8 CAPP)
Specification(s): INDOT Commercial
Material: Limestone
Location(s): Abydel Quarry Cape Sandy Quarry Charlestown Quarry Dale Retail Yard Evansville Retail Yard Griffin Sand Pit Henderson Retail Yard Mount Vernon Retail Yard New Amsterdam Quarry Newburgh Retail Yard Rockport Retail Yard Tell City Retail Yard Temple Quarry Tower Quarry

Indiana #8 (INDOT #8 CAPP)

Sieve Analysis / Gradation
The Sieve Analysis specification shown below is what the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) requires for INDOT #8 CAPP material.

Please note that actual sieve analysis can change over time based on quarry/plant location and the ledge of stone that the material is being produced from at any given time. For a more specific sieve analysis, please contact the Mulzer location that you intend to purchase the stone from.

Sieve Size % Passing
1″ 100%
3/4″ 75-95%
1/2″ 40-70%
3/8″ 20-50%
No. 4 0-15%
No. 8 0-10%
Other 0-3.0%