Tell City Repair Shop Rebuilds Equipment

The Mulzer Crushed Stone, Inc. Tell City Repair Shop stays busy year round rebuilding equipment for use by our employees at all locations throughout the company.  The crew spent the fall and winter months rebuilding a Caterpillar 990 Loader and Euclid R-40 Pit Truck.  To do so, the crew removed all of the components that were to be rebuilt, preformed updates on the frames, repaired all the bearing bores, and completed sandblasting and painting on the equipment. 

The crew is currently in the process of rebuilding another Caterpillar 990 Loader and repairing a recently purchased WA700 Loader.  There were several employees involved in getting these projects completed and the new ones started, including the mechanics at the Tell City Repair Shop, the sandblasters and painters from Tell City Concrete and the entire Tell City Parts Department.