Tips on Dealing with Sand from Sand Bags

Now that the flood waters are receding and the need for sand bags is diminishing, disposing of the sand used to protect property is the next issue home owners’ face in the 2011 flood.  The local Emergency Management Agency office recommends that you proceed with caution when finding a use or a storage location for the sand.  Sand used in sand bags that may have come into contact with floodwater could be contaminated, which would affect how you should use the sand in the future.  Sherman Greer with the Evansville Emergency Management Agency recommended in the Wednesday, May 11 edition of the Evansville Courier & Press that residents “should not use this sand for mortar or flowerbeds and that it should be thrown away at an approved solid waste site”.  He also mentioned that it “should never be used in sandboxes for children”.  EMA officials are still working with other agencies to determine if the sand can be used for other purposes.  Vanderburgh County residents can also contact the Vanderburgh Co. Highway Department at (812) 453-5777 for more information on assistance in removing debris left over from the flood.